Carbon film undercarpet heater and computer controlled system is warming you inside, in cold winter days.

As well as our self produced carpets, we also present to you our undercarpet heater systems. If the carpet is not enough for your heat isolation, we also offer you carbon heater films. Our expert installation team will apply this system to your areas and provide best comfort for you.

With the carbon heater films, your floorings will be more useful. Either your project is hotel, dorm, Mosque or anything else, we can apply these systems on your project.  Especially in crowded places, these will multiply your comfort. These films have long life and collect no dust.


Our carbon heater films can be used undercarpet as well as underfloor with proper automated controllers. These floor heating systems prove a homogeny distribution of the heat. Also these films will provide less heat difference between different rooms. Heat will be stored in construction materials and will keep the areas from rapid changes in temperature and will not be effected by very cold air.

Floor heating is the best way to heat up an area that gathers all benefits of different types of heating systems. This system reduces the energy consumption and environmental pollution and provides high comfort. Ground heating is the best heating method and makes you not to feel upper cold air when you are warmed from below.

Heating film thickness is 0,5mm and includes multiple layers. Inside the film, there are not heating wires or resistances. The source of heat is just a very thin black layer. This layer is a high-tech product that is combined carbon and metal. It provides same heat in every point of the film.


  • Installation and maintenance costs are lower than other heating systems
  • There is no periodic maintenance cost.
  • High durability against scratches, damages and water.
  • Does not break down so no need to repair.
  • Provides saving of the area. No need for heater cores.
  • Homogeny distribution of the heat at every point.
  • Inflammability guarantee worldwide.
  • 0.5 mm. thickness
  • Easy and fast installation
  • 5 year warranty
  • Electronical central control and programming
  • Cheapest heating option if there is no gas utility.
  • Reduces mites and dust insects.
  • Fastest heating.
  • No chimney so no loss of heat.
  • Can be use in the wall or in the ceiling.
  • CE and ETL certification.
  • Carbon-metal combination high-tech product.
  • Far Infrared Heating.
  • Does not collect dust and anti-allergenic
  • Same heat frequency of the human heat frequency.


  • Under carpet heating in Mosques
  • Laminate floor heating
  • Winter garden heating.
  • Cheapest way to break the ice in open and close areas.
  • Dry Finnish Room heating
  • Office and work place heating
  • Greenhouse and agricultural areas heating
  • Ideal for hotels because provides not steaming on mirrors.
  • For all types of great halls, cheapest way to heat.
  • In the bathrooms, provides best heat in winter.
  • Great for pre-school heating.
  • Suitable for yacht and boat heating.
  • Can be used in animal protection centers, chicken production settlements etc.
  • Can be installed inside Office Furniture and warms your knees and legs.
  • Can be used for drying the vegetables.


Carbon Heater Film contains a special resin and a resistive circuit and self-controls the temperature based on its environment. For an economical and safe heating, it can be controlled with its computer controlled board according to desired heat.

This is the most recent and modern way of heating as an alternative of the traditional heating systems. 90% of heat loss in the closed areas caused by the loses from the floor. Carbon heater film avoids this loss. It can be easily replicable or uninstall able. With it’s computer controlled system, it can be heated up partially or fully. Because of it’s extra thin construction, it is not visible or feel able under the carpet. Heats up in a very short time and provides comfort. In Turkey, this is the most preferred way of heating inside the mosques because of low cost of heating and time programmed heating.


  • PLC microcontroller.
  • Adjustable working time.
  • Completely silent work.
  • With remote control, all the functions are controllable.
  • Ability to control the heater partially or fully.
  • Can be used for fixed temperature.
  • Wide 5” LCD Screen.
  • Isıtma, tüm bölgeye ya da lokal (ayrı bölümler halinde) uygulanabilir.
  • Smoke sensors for extra protection.
  • Amperemeter display.
  • %30 energy save compared to the other heaters.
  • Warning sirens
  • Weekly programmable.
  • Multi-language support
  • Warranty


Most of the Mosque floors are just concrete or wooden floor. So for extra isolation, the felt must be installed on these floors. Also this will provide extra softness on the floor and extra isolation against the cold and moisture of the floor. Heat isolation is extremely important so that the felt must be high quality, thick and hard. We install the heater film above the felt and under the carpet.

For controlling the heater, we provide special controllers. The heater film will increase the temperature from 10-12 °C to 20-25 °C in 3 to 5 minutes. You can adjust different temperatures for different saff lines or you can provide no heat on some saff lines. You should turn on 10 minutes in advance before the people come in for praying.