One of the very first Mosque Carpet producers in Turkey, will make your Mosque and Masjid look the most beautiful ever as possible.

With our mystic and Islamic figures and large color palette and design catalog, our Mosque carpets will be designed special for your Mosque or Masjid. We offer a very large catalog of designs, from very plain designs to extremely detailed Ottoman type of figures. Our designs will be anti-stain so that extremely easy to maintain. Inflammability, anti-moulding, long lasting Mosque carpets will offer you new opportunities every year. You can choose our most healthy products without any doubt.

Our carpets are easy to clean and easy to maintain. All the Mosque carpets are washable.

If you are curious about how a design will look in your very own Mosque, just send us your Mosque photos and we will send you digital artworks for your Mosque in a few minutes.. It is simple as that.

Please contact us for digital art Works and production plans FOR FREE!