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For over 80 years, Asil Hali gives best service on everywhere that name “Carpet” is included.

Mosque Carpets

As well as the quality of our Mosque Carpets, we are also ambitious about our quality of installation work. When you hear “Mosque Carpet” term, Asil Hali comes to mind in the same time. Our company, that has best quality and best price Mosque Carpets, competitive selections on our product range of Mosque Carpets and under carpet heating materials and underlays, always has attention of customers. Our Installation Experts gives the best quality installation service for Mosque Carpets by using various needed equipment such as Carpet Ironing Tape, Carpet Underlay Felt, Carpet Underlay Glues, Cold Silicone, Knives with Different Edges and more. With our experts of R&D and carpet designning experts, we provide the best fitting carpet designs and colors for your mosques. We are also ambitious for giving the best price with the easiest payment options for the Mosque Carpets that you order customized.

Hotel Carpets

With the best fitting designs for your esteemed hotel projects, Asil Halı will definetaly catch your attention. Being one of the leading companies in the Hotel Carpet market, Asil Halı will definately provide unique designs based on your preferences for your hotel projects. We will provide various options for all the different areas in your hotel projects. With our Axminster Weaving Carpets, Wilton Weaving Carpets, Needle Weaving Carpets, Tile Carpets and Custom Hand-woven Carpets, you will get a unique view for your hotel areas.

Dorm Carpets

With the glamourous designs that you can choose from our catalog, be different with our Dorm Carpets ! You can get a dynamic and attractive look with the Drom Carpet you have. With the useful and long-life Dorm Carpet options gives a better look for your dorm rooms. The dorm carpets should be washable and that means the dorm carpets should have endurance against corrosion and wearing. Asil Halı creates the difference with the endless color options and the best Dorm Carpet prices. Our Dorm Carpets have anti-bacterial and dust-free specification because these are the most important points for the Dorm Carpets. With the modern designs of our Wall to Wall Dorm Carpets you will have an elite veiw in your dorm rooms.